Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to our Blog!


This blog was started so that Aimee and I could keep track of our adventures through the world of local eating, sourcing local food and cooking it. The shorter distance from the farm to the table the better. Eating local is really important to me - it keeps the money in the local economy and keeps family farms in business, the taste is far superior to anything you can find in the supermarket, and it's how it should be. Just because you can get any vegetable year round at the local grocery store, does that mean you should? I frequent farmers markets during the warmer months, I try to freeze as much as I can to get me through the winter, but I fall victim to the convenience of produce aisles and the freezer section. I'm often dissapointed - a salad in February is not the same as a salad you make yourself with fresh ingredients in July.

So, this is the first post...not very exciting but it makes the blog page look a little bit better! We both hope to update this frequently with our thoughts, meals, ongoings, etc.

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