Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beef! It's what's for dinner! (and lunch...and even breakfast!)

I could smell it when I walked through my door!

I was greeted after a long Monday by the smell of my beef stew and it was heavenly! Everything turned out really well! The veggies were perfect and the juices and wine made a very tasty "broth" (with the help of a garlic and herb soup packet... sorry, no fresh herbs.) My only complaint is that some of the meat was a touch on the dry side and these were the pieces that weren't covered by the wine. Also, a seven plus hour work day is just slightly too long for grass fed beef in a crockpot even on low... Might I suggest a day when you will be home or not out for more than four to five hours and keep the meat closer to the bottom of the crock pot so that it is covered completely. (Mind you, any crockpot maven already knows these basics, but I am a beginner, so indulge me!) All in all this was hugely successful if I do say so myself! Well done Robinson Farm on some really tasty beef!

Can't wait for my next locally grown food adventure!


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  1. Ladies, I am LOVING this blog!!! I'm getting so hungry just reading about all this wonderful food! :)