Thursday, March 25, 2010



I'll just come out and say it - I don't like goats. I think they're strange animals and not very friendly. The one exception is the goat the was kept as a pet at the farm I get my meat CSA. On that note - I only think this one was friendly because he was raised by a little boy. Friendly might not even be an accurate term....once it grew out of goat toddlerhood into an adult goat - it bit me and would butt me in the leg with its head. Did I have some childhood trauma involving a run away goat chasing me down? No, not at all. The only goats I saw as a child were in a zoo or from the distance. I don't know where my irrational dislike of goats came from, but it's there.

I never liked goat cheese either - didn't care for the texture or the taste. I'm a cows cheese type of girl and much prefer a sharper cheddar over anything else. Cabot and Granville Country Store would rank at the top of my list of preferred cheeses - Private stock and Seriously Sharp from Cabot, and any of the cheddars aged past 12 months from Granville. Delicious - sharp cheese heaven.

A couple weekends ago, Aimee and I were up at Robinsons Farm in Hardwick, MA and when I was picking up some beef bones to make beef stock and she was getting some raw milk, I noticed that they carried goat cheese made by Westfield Farm. I must admit - it did look really pretty in its little rolls and the varities sounded so good. So, maybe it was the warm weather going to my head and causing me to lose my senses, but I purchased a little package of Chive goat cheese having no idea whatsoever what to do with it OR if I would even like it. For a couple weeks it just sat in the fridge, taunting ended up pushed to the back after that. Last night I checked the date on it - still good. So, I bit the bullet and took it out. I cut a tiny piece off, took a deep breath and took a bite - it wasn't bad. Tangy, sharp, a little bit crumbly but creamy and not repulsive at all. I couldn't see myself eating it on a cracker tho so now I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I ended up stuffing it in a couple pieces of chicken and tossing it in the oven. I lost track of time tho and where as the chicken wasn't overcooked, the cheese had melted out of the chicken. Tonight was take two - I made hamburgers and sandwiched a slice of chive cheese in the middle of each burger before cooking. Believe it or not, it wasn't bad. It was creamy and a little bit tangy, but I would eat it again.

I can't see myself ever giving up my sharp cheddar, but I'm more open to trying new cheeses that I wouldn't have gone near before. And where as I don't see myself ever having a goat as a pet, I would definitely recommend checking out Westfield Farm and their cheeses. If I liked it, I'm sure you will too.

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