Friday, March 5, 2010

Girl meets Food

Hi there!

I was really excited when Becky suggested we do this blog as a way of learning about eating and cooking locally and seasonally! I happen to love grocery shopping... the doctor says that there is no cure, so I am coping the best that I can. I have always loved food and cooking (albeit sometimes unsuccessfully!), but it wasn't until a year or two ago that I started to really get interested in where my food came from. I was always reading wonderful articles about farmers, locavore restaurants, etc. and I got to thinking... How can I not do this?

But where do you start? The answer was so simple: at the local farmer's stands and pick your own orchards... having lived in Enfield for almost my whole life I had no idea that we even had a pick your own fruits and veggies place. But tucked away off of Broadbrook road there is Easy Pickin's Orchard... a little place you can go and pick berries and summer squash and dig carrots out of the dirt to your hearts content! And there are other places near you... Becky and my goal is to help you find them!

I've since moved and my favorite little pick your own place is now too far for me to frequent as much as I like... but for a small state Connecticut has so much to offer! Wineries, farmer's markets, locally sourced restaurants, and other such treasures are waiting to be found! We hope you join us on our adventure... and a tasty one it will be!


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