Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coffee Favors


I've been to a lot of weddings over the past several years which means I've returned home with a lot of wedding favors. Everything from matches to a cd of songs the couple loves to bottles of wine. Candles, packages of seeds to plant to remember the happy couple every time a flower blooms and coffee cups. This past weekend though - I came home with perhaps the coolest wedding favor yet - a bag of coffee. Not just any coffee but fair trade, organic coffee distributed by a company called Dean's Beans in Orange, MA. I don't drink coffee, but my husband does so for us it's a very useful gift and I loved coming home with something that wasn't going to end up collecting dust on a bookshelf or be quietly (and feeling very guilty) tossed in the trash pile a year down the line. You can check out Dean's Beans at .

And....most important of all....Congrats Steph and Will!

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